He put a ring on it!

Well ladies & gentleman, I am on my way to being named Mrs. Frames! I am now a happily engaged woman to a very handsome and warm hearted man. I picked a good one – and he stuck around! Even after all the hair changes and tantrums I throw at him. He didn’t budge one bit.
Oh, you want to hear how it happened you say? I’d be happy to….
September 22, 2014 marks the day of our one year anniversary. Since we are currently ballin’ on a budget we decided we would keep it low key and go to Yukatan Taco Stand. Yukatan has a very large part to do with the starting of our relationship, thanks to its margaritas. He was off work that day and was going golfing while I was stuck at work til 5:30. He calls me at work to tell me that we have reservations at 7pm, which I thought was a little odd considering it was a Monday night at a Mexican restaurant. Whatever – didn’t think a thing of it. Then he proceeds to tell me that the plans have fallen through, and he will just have to do his 7pm surprise next year. I get home from work and he’s wondering around the house listening to Radiohead at full blast (hint A that something is up, a hint that I did not notice) and gives me a big smooch. He told me I could take my time getting ready because now we don’t have reservations. But also says that I now have to dress up for dinner. At Yukatan. Why on earth would I dress up to go to a taco joint? Whatever – didn’t think a thing of it. (hint B) We drink a glass of champagne and talk a little bit. He tells me about a new mural painted on the back of Live Oak’s new patio, I tell him how I just want to eat food. Then we exchange gifts. I had made him a piece of artwork referencing to Mr. Lebowski, which he loved if I do say so myself. And he gave me a pair of rose gold hoops. Finally, we get to leave and eat. We pull up to the Yuka, and he tells me he wants to go see the mural which is right across the street. I whine and stomp my feet telling him that I just want a damn taco, while he bats his eyes at me and I cave in. Fine. We will go look at this wall. We walk over, and out of nowhere pops up Big Mike. Big Mike has been Zaq’s friend for over 10 years and is widely known in the city of Fort Worth. He is the best artist we have around here, and he can swoon you with one song. He starts playing “So Happy Together” by The Turtles, and Zaq hands me a letter. (probably a hint C, but I thought he was just being really romantic for our anniversary) This letter is filled with the love he has for me, and the future he has for us, followed by a very important question. As I am trying to read this letter, Zaq starts singing along with Big Mike and my heart started to melt a little more. I get to the end of the letter and see, in Portuguese no less, “Will you marry me and be with me til the end?” Wait, is this real? Is this really happening?? Big Mike then starts to play “Don’t Worry Baby” by the Beach Boys and I can feel the tears coming! I’m not sure if I said yes or not, I think I was speechless and in awe over the whole thing.
Lucky me, he had his best friend film the whole thing! I didn’t even notice them standing behind us. I can’t wait to watch and relive the moment again. Turns out, he had this whole thing planned for about a month now. Poor thing was stressed out trying to get everything to turn out perfect, and it was absolutely beautifully perfect. He picked out a beautiful ring, with a little help from me, and he delivered it wonderfully.
After we both absorbed what just happened, we walked over to Yukatan and he had invited my mom and step dad, his family, and friends to join in on the celebration. It was such a magical night. I could feel the love he has for me more that night than ever before. He is a great man, and I couldn’t be happier to call him my fiancé.
Wedding details are already being made, guests lists are starting to form, venues to be looked at, dresses to try on, who knew this could be so much fun!!!!!